André Pinheiro

Reborn Custom Motorcycles

Atelier at Porto – Portugal

Founded in 2013 by André Pinheiro to explore the creative possibilities in the world of vintage motorcycles and build exclusive and unique pieces of art.

My name is André Pinheiro I´m 44 years old and I´m a Automobile Engineer, I live in Porto/Portugal and this love relation that I have with cars and motorbikes is since I was a kid,  when I was 18 years old I went to Kingston University/London to take my course and in 2000 I came back to Portugal and I started work in Audi Dealers as a Director After sales, Reborn was a project that I have on my mind a long time and I changed all my life to do it and in 2013 I open my Atelier and I´ started restoring and customize some vintage motorcycles, I love what I do, I work alone and the only think that I do outside Reborn is Painting.

The manufacturing process developed is focused on the highest level of redesign, rebuilding and optimization, all fabricated parts, and redesign of our motorcycles are handmade by Andre Pinheiro. I build motorcycles different from any others and guarantees a fundamental simplicity of operation and maintenance, making possible a closer relationship between owner and machine.

Since inception my primary focus has been to build unique pieces of art. My mission is make the diference by the work achievement only acquired through intense training, practice, passion, creativity and originality in the pursuit of perfection.